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Thanks to and for having helped me with the translation <3

  • 1. Right now, what is your favorite thing?

I recently bought a punchbag.
By using it I came to the conclusion that it helps me to low my stress, I like it pretty much.

  • 2. What kind of fashion are you into lately?

I don’t know much about fashion, but I like clothes that feel good to the touch.
But I don’t like bad quality furs. [His tail is an accessory snkjasdKDSKJL]
I also like chain accesories. Don’t you think the little details look great?

  • 3. What habits do you have that you’ll do without realizing?

Habit, huh… When I’m transformed into a wolf and I see a ball rolling my eyes unconsciously can’t stop following it

  • 4. How do you spend your days-off?

I spend most of my time in the Bandemium. Sometimes I take my wolfs for a  walk… I’m going to buy some things that Nii-san orders me, or sometimes I go out.

  • 5. What do you wear to sleep?
  • < /ul>

    Nothing but the usual, and I always sleep on my side…
    But when I sleep curled up turned into wolf is much better… …
    Mm? Why are you making that face? … …!
    Wait a minute, what are you misunderstanding!
    It’s not like I always sleep curled up in my wolf form!

    • 6. What do you definitely do before sleeping?

    I’m not very aware of what I do before I go to sleep. Maybe something I always do is brushing my teeth. It feels disgusting going to sleep without brushing your teeth, doesn’t it? I think anybody thinks the same way I do… It has become a habit.

    • 7. What part of your body you like the best?

    There’s nothing to be ashamed of in a founder’s body, I think? I have to take great care of my own body. As for the person who is not here, when I look at him I feel that he doesn’t really care about his body.

    • 8. What do you like the most of your room?

    Simple bedrooms are the best! But It can’t be helped that the room is a mess. You also don’t want to spend time in that room, don’t you?

    • 9. Tell us one memorable impression that you have of your brothers.

    A memory of Nii-san… huh. Mmm … if it’s about a memory, I think it was the first time I practiced with the sword with Nii-san.
    The fact that Nii-san was my opponent made me very happy, it was pretty funny.

    • 10. What you think of KarlHeinz?

    I hate him. He is the enemy of us founders. Such a thing like a vampire has punished to a founder… he’s an outrageous guy.

    • 11. Where would you go on a date?

    Probably she will be happy being taken to a place with a good atmosphere.
    Where there is a beautiful night view… like… A theme park? Women really like those things.

    • 12. What does a girl do to make your heart skip a beat?

    Something she does, um …Thinking about it… Mmm, it’s a very subtle thing, but I don’t hate it when she says “thank you”.

    • 13. How does her blood taste?

    Ahh~… I did not want to drink her blood when it was contaminated by vampires… Just remembering it disgusts me…
    But I don’t dislike it after having purified it. Since it is the blood of a noble founder, after all.

    • 14. From which body part do you like to suck her blood?

    From her calf. When I drink from that place I can see very well her pained face.
    I can hold her legs when she squirms. Drinking from that place is really fun, you know?

    • 15. What does her existence mean to you?

    I carry the pride of the Founders. That’s why I though t using her for the sake of restoring the clan would be fine. But now… I just want that stupid and softhearted woman to stay by my side.

    español abajo del corte mamu~

Que precioso :333333

  • Track Name

    Kanato burning Cordelia [HDB]

  • Artist

    Kanato Sakamaki - Kaji Yuki



Kanato’s ecstasy epilogue

Kanato: …Mother, what’s wrong?
Kanato: You have a hole in your chest, Mother.
Kanato: Where did your heart go…?
Kanato: Wake up, Mother. We have to find your heart.
Kanato: Mother… …? … … … … … …. ….
Kanato: *Singing* Are you goint to… … rosemary & thyme… …
Kanato: … … … …
Kanato: I see… … Even my song doesn’t wake you up. So, it me ans you are already dead.
Kanato: Mother, can you feel me grasping your hand… …? Of course you don’t feel it, because you died… …
Kanato: I will be… the last person to see you. So don’t worry?
Kanato: Poor mother. You are so wet… you must be cold, right? I’ll make you feel warm.
Kanato: Fufu… Mother, you’re burning! Are you warm? Hey, Mother!
Kanato: Fufu… ahahaha, ahahahahahahaha! You’re burning! Mother is burning!
Kanato: You finally belong only to me… …Hey, Mother! Finally, finally…!
Kanato: FUfufu… ahahahahahahahaha! From now on we will always be together, be delighted, Mother… …!

Pss, español abajo

Mother you want teddy to burn with you?

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